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Receiving PESEL number - 369,00 PLN

PESEL NUMBER is analogous to the registration number of the taxpayer's registration card (RNOKPP) (formerly the individual tax number (TIN) in Ukraine).

Having received this number, Ukrainian citizens have the right to employment, registration as a private entrepreneur in Poland, receiving free medical care, other benefits and etc.

Our specialists will help you received this number.

Registration of a private entrepreneur (CEIDG) - 430,50 PLN

You can conduct business as conveniently as you did in Ukraine, because in Poland you can register a "jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza", which is analogous to a natural person-entrepreneur in Ukraine.

Our specialists will help you fill out the forms, register you in the CEIDG.

Legal address and virtual office – from 184,50 PLN per month

We provide legal address and virtual office services. We process correspondence and send copies to you within 3 business days.

Opening a bank account for a private entrepreneur - 246,00 PLN

Our specialists will help you choose a Bank with the most favorable conditions based on the specifics of your planned activity, help you fill out the forms and collect the necessary package of documents.

Accounting services for private entrepreneurs – from 246,00 PLN per month

Our partners provide accounting services for entrepreneurs and help you with the obligations you have towards public offices.

Legal and tax consulting on the activities of an individual entrepreneur, recommendations for choosing an optimal taxation form

In contrast to the Ukrainian single tax, Poland has a quite complexed legal system and multiple taxation forms and tax rates. It all depends on the type of activity/services you want to perform. The income tax can range from 2% to 19%.

Our specialists will advise you what taxation form you can choose from and which one is recommended based on your needs.

Drafting and reviewing contracts, legal support for individual entrepreneur and private persons

With experience in providing an on-going legal advice to various clients, our specialists will help to draft contracts you need for your business as well as review the contracts you have been offered.  

The legal support also includes consulting on any legal issue that may come up while doing business in Poland.

Preparation of documents for financial assistance for business development and receiving funds

A Private Entrepreneur can sometimes apply for and receive financial assistance at the beginning of its activities. Our specialists will help you determine whether you are eligible for financial help and will provide you with the necessary documents.