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Attorney-at-law Beata Broniewicz Pasieka

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(preparation of the documents plus registration)

Preparation of necessary documents for the establishment of the company

Our specialists will develop and draw up the necessary statutory documents for company registration based on the type of the company you want to start.

You can start a company online via S24 profile or through a public notary.

Our specialist will explain what documents are mandatory and guide through the whole process.

Registration of legal entities such as Limited Liability Company, Joint-Stock Company, Simple joint stock company, The General Partnership, The Limited Partnership, The Limited Joint-Stock Partnership – 4920 PLN

Our specialists will help you fill out the forms, create relevant documents and register company in the KRS register.

They will also explain differences between all sorts of types of legal entities that you may choose for doing business in Poland.

The price for registration of the company includes preparing all the necessary documents, explaining the differences between different types of companies in Poland and registration in the KRS register

Obtaining an ePuap profile which enables electronic signature184,50 PLN

We will help you obtain an ePuap - Trusted Profile which enables electronic signature. It is a free tool to prove your identity on the Internet (PESEL). It acts as an electronic signature and is an alternative to a paid qualified signature. You no longer have to print, sign and scan documents. All you need to do is sign them with the Trusted Profile on the Internet.

Legal address and virtual office - from 184,50 PLN per month

We provide legal address or virtual office services. We process correspondence and send copies to you within 3 business days.

Opening a bank account - 246,00 PLN

Our specialists will help you choose a Bank with the most favorable conditions based on the specifics of your planned activity, help you fill out forms and collect the necessary package of documents.

Accounting services for companies – from 369,00 PLN per month

Our partners provide accounting services for companies and assist with the proper fulfillment of obligations to regulatory authorities.

Drafting and verifying contracts, legal support of companies

With experience in providing an on-going legal advice to various clients, our specialists will help to draft contracts you need for your business as well as review the contracts you have been offered.  

The ongoing  legal advice also includes consulting on any legal issue that may come up while doing business in Poland.

Legal and tax consulting on the activities of the company, recommendations for choosing an optimal taxation form

Unlike Ukraine, Poland has a wide variety of organizational and legal forms of enterprises and complex forms of taxation. It all depends on the type of company, the number of associates and the activities/services you plan to carry out.

Our specialists will help you choose the optimal legal form based on the type of business you want to start.